Welcome to CSS Menu demo

CSS Menu enables expandable menus. It uses only CSS for menu (no javascript/JQuery).

Currently two types of menus are possible with CSS Menu ie. menus Vertical down fly and Vertical right fly.

CSS Menu provides a simple and powerful configurable interface using color picker to set menu color schema (menu bgcolor, menu text color, mouse over text color) with preview option. User can create colorful menu using just some mouse clicks. No need to write CSS to override menu color.

CSS Menu also gives opacity effect for sub menu item. Each CSS Menu is a configurable block and easily associated with any existing site menu which can be place as normal block in a theme region.

Currently Demo menu is placed in header region, you can update Demo menu using Edit demo menu link placed in sidebar.

You can try Demo menu with different installed theme using Theme switch. You may face CSS refresh problem (because of browser cache), use Ctrl+F5 after Demo menu updated.